We take your safety seriously
Vinted is focused on maintaining a high standard of personal security for our members. We work proactively to create tools and policies that help our community thrive – whether you’re buying or selling. Here’s what you should know about our key safety processes.
Money-back guarantee
Every order is protected. We’ll issue a refund if your item is never shipped, arrives damaged or not as described. You always have 2 days after an order is delivered to submit a claim.
Risk scoring
We use predictive analytics to flag and instantly evaluate suspicious activity, listings and orders. That way, our team can take action before any harm is caused.
Anti-spam tools
We proactively run systems that spot inappropriate content. Much like the spam filters in your email, they work to automatically block suspicious content in messages.
Safe payments
All Vinted payments are encrypted. They’re handled by our trusted partner Mangopay, whose secure technology makes sure money is sent and received safely and reliably.
Our full support
You can reach out to us 24/7 and expect a reply within 24 hours. Our team will see every issue through to its resolution. For quick tips, visit the Help Centre.
Secure personal data
At any given time, we securely store only the minimum amount of information that we are required to keep on our members. You can always request a download of your full profile.
We help build trust within our community
Vinted’s secure messaging tool helps you find out every detail about the item you’re considering purchasing. You can message any member – just remember that you'll instantly increase their trust in you by being polite and considerate.
Vinted members can leave feedback for each other only after a completed order – so the feedback you see on people’s profiles is based on actual experiences. Take a close look at it and remember to leave feedback after an order to receive it in return.
Get verified
To instantly boost your trustworthiness, take a moment and verify your personal data on Vinted. And if you’d like to see whether another member has verified their data, simply click through to their profile.
Be proactive
Fill out your profile with information - being proactive increases trust, which can also give your sales a boost. And if you see something that falls short of our community standards - report it so our team can take care of things.
Good to know
Buying tips
Learn more about ways of evaluating if a seller can be trusted, getting extra information on items and making safe payments.
Selling tips
Get tips on building a trusted profile, communicating with buyers and eliminating all obstacles to a successful sale.