Vinted is an online intermediary hosting service that enables users to exchange and/or sale and/or purchase the items, to use its integrated payment and shipping service, to communicate by sending private messages or by using the forum or to use other additional services, such as item bumps and etc.

However, Vinted only facilitates transactions between the users. Vinted does not sell, buy or exchange items shown on the site and is not a party to any transaction between users.

The Vinted platform is managed by the company VINTED, UAB located at Zirmunu st. 70-701 Vilnius LT-09124, Lithuania, registered under the number 302767152 with the Company Registry of the Republic of Lithuania.



A user is any individual who, after having registered on the site, has a right to use all the services of the site in order to satisfy his / her personal interests that are not associated with a professional activity. users can be buyers or sellers on the site.

A visitor is any individual using the site without being registered, in accordance with Vinted’s General Conditions. For example, visitor can examine the items.

Users or visitors must be individuals aged 18 years or more. For minors, a parent or guardian (adult) must register and supervise the use of the services.

Commercial activities are not allowed on Vinted. If the seller presents himself / herself as a consumer or as a non-professional seller on Vinted where she / he is in fact a professional seller, said seller is facing the following sanctions related to misleading business practices provided in Article L 132-2 of the consumer code: imprisonment for up to 2 year and a fine of EUR 300,000. Sellers may also have to declare the revenues gained through Vinted platform and may be subject to social and tax obligations.



Vinted seeks to ensure that is a friendly and safe place for its users. When they upload their items, users must comply with applicable regulations and with our policies including the Catalogue rules.

You can sell on

  • women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories;
  • children’s toys, furniture and childcare equipment;
  • cosmetics, beauty products and beauty gadgets;
  • tech accessories such as headphones, smart watches, phone cases and similar items.
  • homeware such as textiles, tableware and home accessories. 
  • books for adults, kids and teenagers 

You cannot sell on

  • items prohibited or restricted by law (such as counterfeits, samples or promotional items, medication, food and drinks etc.);
  • items that do not comply with hygiene standards, or pose a risk to one’s health (such as worn underwear, all cosmetics that have already been used or that are not in their original sealed packaging etc.);
  • items that are either not clothing, do not relate to fashion, beauty, accessorizing, children, or simply do not align with the vision (such as animal fur and its products, electronic and high-tech products such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, sports equipment for adults such as bikes, skis, snowboards, tickets for events etc.).

The above list is not exhaustive and is to be considered only as a guide. Please refer to the rules of the catalogue for more information on what you can list on Vinted.

Furthermore, the seller must be the owner of these items and have the right to sell, exchange or donate them.



Submitting the items on Vinted is free of charge. A seller, when listing an item in the catalogue, must complete a questionnaire and describe the item as accurately as possible, indicate any possible faults and state the price of the item.

The listed item must also be photographed. At least one good quality photograph must be uploaded.  Photographs must reflect the actual quality and external appearance of the item, as well as any presence of faults with the item.

The number of items listed on the catalogue is unlimited, however you cannot list the same item more than once. Also Vinted does not offer an option for a user to mark the quantity of how many of the same items he / she has.



Listings presented on Vinted’s landing page / search results are sorted by “relevance” taking into consideration the following criteria: the date on which the item was uploaded, the information provided in user’s profile (gender, age, country), the preferences users have indicated about the categories, e.g. women, kids, footwear, etc. (Personalisation) and sizes of items they are looking for, preferred brands, as well as the colour, condition, price and size of the items they purchased. When users search for an item, listings are sorted by default by “relevance”. Alternatively, in the catalogue users can also choose for the listings to be sorted by price or by date. If users choose for listings to be classified by price and date, the preferences they indicated in their profile will still be taken into consideration to classify listings.

Sellers can improve the visibility of their items by opting for the following paid automated services which also affect how items are sorted in the feed:

  Bumping Listed Items

Specific items selected by the seller can get better visibility on the landing page or on the result-pages of specific search queries (image below).

More information about bumping listed items is available here.

  Wardrobe Spotlight

A seller’s wardrobe can be promoted in the landing page of the website and in the result-pages of specific search queries. The promotion is carried out by allocating a dedicated spot for the seller’s wardrobe in the catalogue and it appears as follows (image below).

More information about the Wardrobe Spotlight feature is available here.



Several payment methods are available on Vinted: valid credit cards, PayPal or your Vinted Balance. For more details, please visit our Help Center. Also, you have 2 different approaches how to use the above-mentioned payment methods: (i) either to pay directly through Vinted by using our integrated payment service; or (ii) to pay directly to seller by the payment means agreed with him / her.

Most often users use integrated payment service, in such a case the buyer’s payment is made by a bank or virtual card on the site’s integrated payment interface. The amounts paid by the buyer are retained by a financial service provider selected by Vinted in an e-wallet operating as an escrow account until the transaction is completed. Once the transaction is completed, the funds are immediately transferred to the seller’s e-wallet which at any time can be transferred to his / her personal bank account, without any transfer fee or such funds on the e-wallet may be used to purchase items on Vinted from other users.



Vinted may take actions against users if they:

  • infringe or breach their obligations arising from the General Conditions, the Privacy Policy or other rules of the site;
  • provide incorrect, misleading and/or incomplete information according to the General Conditions at the time of their registration on the site or their use of the site;
  • deliberately and intentionally disclose incorrect information on the site, insult other people or act in an inappropriate manner;
  • use the identity of other users or otherwise act in an unlawful manner;
  • log-in from the same IP address or from the same computer as the one that was blocked owing to violations; or
  • have received at least three warnings from Vinted.

Actions taken by Vinted may be the following: removing the listing(s) uploaded by the user, suspending the user’s account, blocking it (notably in case of repeated misconduct). In case of blocking, the user will no longer have the right to re-register on the site.

Listings may be brought to Vinted’s attention by simply clicking the flag symbol in the right corner of the listing screen and choosing "Report" or by sending a notice to




Submitting the items to the catalogue on the site is free of charge. Sellers may still decide to pay optional services such as above-mentioned item bump and wardrobe spotlight.



If a buyer chooses for the transaction to take place directly between the buyer and the seller without using the integrated payment and shipping services, the buyer and the seller alone are responsible for the proper implementation of the transaction, and for the organisation and consequences of the shipping of the item without the option of using the assistance provided by Vinted in this context. Therefore, in this case, Vinted collects no fees.

In the event that integrated payment and shipping services are used, the payment and delivery of an item is facilitated and secured. So, because of this additional buyer’s protection, Vinted collects respective fees for such services. However, the use of integrated payment and shipping services is optional.


Integrated payment service

If users choose to use the integrated payment service, for each transaction, buyers are charged a fee on top of the purchase price for the use of this additional service offered by Vinted. The total amount of such fee is shown to the buyer on the site before the completion of the order. The fee for the use of the integrated payment system consists of:

  • A fixed amount of 0.7 Euros; and
  • 5% of the purchase price including value-added taxes (VAT) but excluding shipping costs, agreed between the buyer and the seller.

The payment of the integrated payment service allows the buyer to benefit from the Buyer Protection.


Shipping service

Shipping service is available only if the buyer uses the integrated payment service.

Vinted offers the following shipping options:

  • integrated shipping labels, when Vinted generates the shipping label to be used;
  • shipping instructions, when seller has to buy the shipping label on his/her own according to Vinted’s instructions;
  • custom shipping, when the seller determines the amount of the shipping costs and the carrier.

Each of these shipping options has its own conditions (in terms of insurance, etc.). In any case, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer. Prices vary depending on the shipping option chosen, the destination and the weight of the package.

To learn more about the prices of services offered by Vinted, please visit the Price list.



1. If users choose to use the integrated payment and shipping service

If the buyer used the integrated payment service, the buyer benefits from the Buyer Protection which allows him/her to apply for reimbursement of the item under certain conditions. For instance:

(i) If a buyer does not receive an item purchased from a seller, he / she must inform Vinted of this  by clicking the button that suspends the transaction within a period of two (2) days from the date the item was expected to be delivered.

If it is confirmed that the item has been lost during shipping, Vinted shall reimburse the buyer.

If the buyer does not contact Vinted within two (2) days following expected delivery of an item, he/she will be presumed to have accepted the item and the transaction will be completed.

(ii) If a buyer receives an item that he/she considers that does not comply substantially with the description of the listing on the site, he / she must inform Vinted of this by clicking the button that suspends the transaction within a period of two (2) days from the date of delivery of the item.

If the buyer does contact Vinted within two (2) days, Vinted will retain the total purchase price until Vinted receives instructions jointly agreed between the buyer and the seller regarding the account to which these sums must be transferred. If users can’t reach a mutual agreement, Vinted will make a final decision and if the item does not substantially comply with the description on the site, Vinted shall reimburse the buyer.

In any case, the seller will organise directly with the buyer the return of the item and the procedures of this return. Vinted will not be responsible for and will not organise the return of the item to the seller. Unless agreed otherwise, the buyer shall pay for the return shipping fees.

If the buyer does not contact Vinted within two (2) days following receipt or if the buyer after receiving an item clicks “Everything is OK” button, he / she will be presumed to have accepted the item and the transaction will be completed.

To learn more on Vinted Refund policy, you can visit this page of our Help Center.

2. If users choose not to use the integrated payment and shipping service

In this case, the User understands and accepts that Vinted will not be involved in the settlement of disputes between the buyer and the seller.



In the event of a disagreement between Vinted and the user, the user may:

  • first, address a written complaint to the Customer Service Department using the contact form;
  • in the absence of a response from this department within a reasonable period of one (1) month, or if the user is not satisfied with the response provided, the user and Vinted will try to resolve the user's complaint in an amicable manner;
  • Users may therefore seek to resort to alternative dispute resolution methods: (i) the European Commission is providing European consumers with an online dispute resolution platform; (ii) you can also contact the e-commerce mediation service of the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD) (for France only), the Municipal Consumer Information Office ("Oficina Municipal del Consumidor") (for Spain only) or the Consumer mediator service (Service national du Médiateur de la consommation) (for Luxembourg only).



When a transaction is finished, buyers and sellers can leave feedback on each other. Every feedback is connected with respective item, so it is not possible to leave feedback for a user with whom you have not made any transaction. Users can leave their feedback as follows:

  • you can find the 'Leave feedback' button in the conversation thread when the order is completed;
  • then choose the number of stars you would like to give, add a comment, and submit it;
  • you can edit or remove your feedback (see these options under the feedback left).

No compensation is given to users or to Vinted in exchange for their online reviews.

In the user’s reviews page, feedbacks are sorted in chronological order only. Reviews are kept forever and are stored according to the Privacy policy. In case feedback is left by a member who subsequently deleted his/her account, his/her member name will not be visible and there will be a note stating that the content comes from a member who is no longer active.



Vinted’s members rely on each other to provide feedback. Vinted does not review feedbacks prior they are published by users.

If users disagree with the feedback received, they can:

  • Contact the other Vinted member to find out what went wrong and look for a friendly solution.
  • The other member can change their feedback by heading back to the comment they left (or that the Vinted automatically left instead of them) and editing it.
  • Leave a comment under any feedback left and give their point of view. For instance, if it was something out of their control, like a third-party error, users should not hesitate to say it.

If the feedback received is inappropriate or abusive, you should report it to Vinted by simply tapping on the ( i ) icon in your conversation and choose “Report”. Then, choose “member left harassing / inappropriate feedback” and explain the situation. Vinted team will work to resolve the issue if the feedback does not comply with Vinted Community Standards.

On certain cases Vinted also can leave automatic positive or negative feedback. Positive feedback may appear if a transaction was successful, but the buyer did not leave a feedback within 4 working days. Negative feedback may be posted to seller and/or buyer in case, for instance, when they cancel their order for the 2nd time. In such case, the user (instead of which Vinted has left an automatic feedback) may always edit such feedback and it will no longer be on Vinted’s behalf, but on his / her.



Vinted is a resale and exchange platform for transactions carried out between private individuals. The provisions of the Civil Code apply to transactions between private individuals:

  • The provisions of the Civil Code concerning the law of obligations are available here
  • The provisions of the Civil Code with regard to contractual civil responsibility are available here

Below, you will find some information on the rights and obligations which apply to sales conducted between private individuals.


Absence of the right of withdrawal

For transactions between private individuals, the provisions of the Civil Code do not include any obligation for a private seller to offer a right of withdrawal.

However, some private sellers may nonetheless decide to offer the option to return or exchange an article (for example, by mentioning this in the descriptive section of their advertisement).

Furthermore, the Buyer’s Protection available on Vinted for buyers who use our integrated payment service allows buyers to obtain reimbursement for their article, subject to certain conditions.


Legal guarantees

Two legal guarantees apply to the sale: the legal conformity guarantee and the hidden defects guarantee.

The legal conformity guarantee set out in the Consumer Code does not apply to sales conducted between private individuals.

Private sellers are, however, bound by the hidden defects guarantee for the products that they sell through the Vinted platform.

Pursuant to Article 1641 of the Civil Code: “The seller is bound by the hidden defects guarantee for defects in the item sold which render it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended, or which diminish the use so much that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would have paid a lower price, had the buyer known about the defect.”

In principle, this guarantee allows the buyer to obtain a reduction in the purchase price if the buyer retains the article, or, if the buyer returns the article to the seller, to obtain a full reimbursement of the purchase price. You can consult the applicable legal provisions here.

The aforementioned Buyer’s Protection, which allows the buyer to obtain reimbursement for the article, subject to certain conditions, is a supplementary service offered by Vinted. It does not replace the legal hidden defects guarantee provided for in the Civil Code. The legal hidden defects guarantee may be exercised without recourse to the Buyer’s Protection.