Catalogue Rules

Vinted is a platform for individuals to buy, sell, swap or give-away their second-hand items. Listing your items on Vinted is free.

We seek to ensure that Vinted is a friendly and safe place. Therefore, members are required to comply with the below Catalogue rules when they upload their items.

Please note that these rules are a part of our Terms & Conditions. By creating an account on Vinted, you are agreeing to these rules and our Terms & Conditions.




You can sell on Vinted:


  • Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • Children’s toys, furniture and childcare equipment.
  • New cosmetics, beauty products and beauty gadgets.
  • Tech accessories such as headphones, smart watches, phone cases and similar items.
  • Homeware such as textiles, tableware and home accessories.  
  • Books.


We reserve the right to redetermine what items are and aren’t allowed to be listed on Vinted. If we discover that certain items violate our terms or pose any risk to our members, we may remove those items even if they’re not listed below.




You cannot sell on Vinted (Please note that the list is not exhaustive and is to be considered only as a guide):

Strictly prohibited items:

Items that do not comply with applicable laws.

Counterfeit items.

Samples, testers or promotional items which you received for free (including the items from the ‘Beauty Boxes').

Prescription products, medications, professional medical supplies, vitamins, food supplements.

Food and drinks, e.g. baby food and infant formulas, candies and similar products.

Drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, vapes, or other vaporizing instruments and accessories.

Armed Forces, police or other emergency services official uniforms, badges, accessories or any other type of object. International humanitarian aid emblems and names individually or within the clothing.

Nazi, fascist, uniforms and accessories.

Items that promote or display violence, discrimination, hatred, crime.

Autographed items (or similar items) without a trusted certificate of authenticity.

Items that do not comply with hygiene standards, or pose risk to one’s health:

Worn underwear (e.g. panties, thongs, G-strings, boxer shorts, briefs, bodies worn as undergarment and underwear sets which include worn underwear bottoms). 

Note 1: For hygiene reasons, only new underwear can be sold - you must clearly show the tags in your item’s pictures. 

Note 2: Worn bras, bathing suits and tights can be sold as long as they are properly washed and the description clearly states that the item has been worn.

All cosmetics (including perfume, makeup, creams, lotions, and hair-care products) and cosmetic accessories (cosmetics swatches, makeup sponges, brushes or applicators)  that have already been used or that are not in their original sealed packaging. We also recommend that you upload pictures showing the item’s information (packaging information, back information, bar code, etc.).

Note 1: It is strictly prohibited to sell cosmetic items that have been used or tried, even once. 

Note 2: Handmade cosmetics, nail polish remover, shaving razors, hair colouring products, are not allowed.

Used towels, sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and bedding sets.

Contact lenses, contact lens solution and cases.

Sanitary pads such as tampons, menstrual cups and similar items.

Used tongue, eyebrow, nose, lip and intimate piercing jewellery.

Items that are either not clothing, do not relate to fashion, beauty, accessorizing, children or simply do not align with the Vinted vision:

Animal fur and its products. Also, items containing products from reptile skin, shells or ivory. 

Note: Sheared sheep wool, cashmere and mohair products are allowed.

Electronic and high-tech products. (e.g. mobile phones, computers, TVs, speakers, cameras, power banks, cables, phone charges, washing machines, dishwashers, irons, vacuum cleaners, etc.). 

Note: Electronic beauty gadgets and tech accessories such as hair curlers, hair dryers, headphones, smart watches, phone cases and similar items are allowed.

Sports equipment for adults such as bikes, skis, yoga mats, snowboards, weights and similar items. 

Note: Sports clothing, eyewear, special protection, helmets as well as accessories are allowed.

Furniture for adults, decorations or accessories (except for allowed Home Decor categories), garden tools and equipment (such as lawnmowers or flowerpots), power tools.

Mattresses and pillows for sleeping. 
Note: Decorative pillows are allowed.

Kitchen utensils and appliances, knives (except table knives), pans, pots, coffee machines and similar items or appliances for food making, food storage items.

Magazines and stationery supplies for adults, such as notebooks, diaries and calendars.

Paintings, drawings, photos and other works of art.

Sales catalogues and products ordered on request, professional services or any other advertisements promoting commercial activities.

Empty dust bags, packaging boxes, paper shopping bags, gift boxes, moving boxes.

Advent calendar, surprise packages/bundles.

Sexually explicit items such as sex toys and fetish related items.

Accessories, clothes for animals and animals themselves.

Tickets for events, gift cards, discount coupons, subscriptions.


Please make sure that your listings and items comply with our Catalogue rules. Other members may flag a listing of yours that appear not to comply with these rules for Vinted's review. If your item indeed does not comply, it may end up being removed or hidden by our team. You may also be subject to other actions, such as suspension of your account.


Please note: If you bump a listing which violates our Catalogue Rules and we have to remove or hide the listing, we won’t be able to refund you the cost of the bump.




1. General 


  • You need to upload each of your items separately, under their corresponding category (and brand, if applicable).
  • You should only have one listing per item (except for bundle listings - see below). 
  • All the items should have an appropriate item condition assigned to them.
  • Maximum item value allowed in our platform is £1000.
  • Bundle listings (sets) must state ‘bundle’ or ‘set’ in the listings’ title and description. Each bundle listing must have the total price for all the items it includes. The items included in the bundle cannot be listed separately.
  • Your listing or profile description shall not refer to external websites that facilitate sales outside of our platform.


2. IP policy 


  • It is strictly forbidden to upload counterfeit items on our platform. Counterfeit items usually copy or imitate the trademark (e.g. name of the brand, name of its product and/or logo) of a company without its permission. They may also copy the specific notable features of that company’s product (e.g. the shape of a perfume, the design and specific pattern of a bag). Sale of counterfeit items could expose sellers to civil and criminal proceedings. 
  • Members can only upload items which they are sure are authentic. They cannot add a disclaimer to their listing saying they are not sure whether or not the item is authentic.
  • Members must also upload pictures showcasing as clearly as possible their item’s authenticity. 
  • Using other brands which are not related to your item in the brand category, title/description or as a hashtag in your listing is not allowed.
  • The use of words such as "inspired by" followed by a brand is also generally prohibited on our platform. 
  • If you use text or an image that was created/published by someone else, you must have permission to do so. 


3. Requirements for the item’s photos


The pictures used in your listing shall meet the following requirements:


  • They have to represent the item as it is - no image editing is allowed. We also recommend showing any defects, scratches, wear, etc.
  • They must be sharp and clear. Check out our photo tips.
  • They have to be taken by you with the purpose of using the photos on Vinted.
  • They cannot be replaced with stock photos, photos from ads and watermarked images.
  • The first photo should clearly represent the whole item. You’re free to choose how you want to showcase your item in your additional photos. Note: You can upload up to 20 photos per item.
  • They must showcase your item’s authenticity. Check out our tips on this.




We do not allow listing any items which are intended to be sold for commercial purposes. You may be considered as acting on a commercial basis based on one or more of the following criteria(s) (the list is not exhaustive):


  • you make large volume transactions (taking into account number of transactions made, and/or amount of revenue earned);
  • you sell a large number of brand new items, including items with tags and/or low value items;
  • you sell clothing or other items of the same style, but in a number of different colors, sizes; 
  • you sell items with a note such as "can be ordered”;
  • you sell items that you have not purchased for your own use but with the intent to resell them;
  • your sales are intended to generate a regular source of income;
  • you have a legal status which enables you to engage in commercial selling activities and you sell for your business;
  • you sell items you made as hand-crafter and designer;
  • you act on behalf of a particular trader or through another person acting in his name and on his behalf and receive remuneration or an incentive;
  • you rent your items or suggest services;
  • your listings are using pictures from the internet or stock photos.


We don’t allow adding notes ‘sold’, ‘currently out of stock’, ‘check back later’, etc. to the title of the item when you’ve already sold, swapped or given it away. Press the button ‘Mark as given away’ on the listing and we’ll hide it from other members.


All the listings and other posts related to auctioning or bidding activities are not allowed. When your item’s price is unusually low/high and doesn’t seem to match the real item’s value, the listing may be considered as an auctioned one.  Find out how to set a reasonable price for your item.




When members disregard our Catalogue rules, we may take the following measures:


  • If a reported listing needs some amendments, we make it invisible in the member’s wardrobe and we send a message to the member informing them about the actions they need to take within 24 hours. If the member doesn’t take these actions within the requested frame of time, their item remains hidden.
  • If a reported listing includes a forbidden item, we remove the listing from the member’s wardrobe and we send them a message informing about the reason for such removal.
  • If a member uploads forbidden items (i.e. items which fall within a prohibited items list as described above, items of commercial nature and all other items which breach our T&C and/or catalogue rules) repeatedly, we can suspend their account (e.g. for a period of 7 days) or even block it permanently depending on the cases, and we send a message to the member informing them about it.


Our team reserves the right to change the above-stated rules as needed. If you have any questions regarding the above-stated rules - contact our team  and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Note: If you spot an item that does not seem to comply with our above-stated rules, please do not hesitate to report it to us.