Autumn by Vinted - a new season, for new habits
31 August 2021

For the majority of us, September brings not only a new season, but a return to our studying or work life, and the routines that come with it. Whether you’re going back full-time or hybrid, this autumn is a chance to rethink the way you switch your wardrobe - and you don’t need to have expensive or designer clothes to look confident and slay an outfit. We ran a survey* with Vinted’s members from the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Germany to find out how they get ready for autumn. Here are the results - and the best tips and insights for a conscious change of season.

1. Feel confident, stay comfortable

The recent research across these four countries showed that for over half of our members, the way that they usually dress for work or studying has changed during the pandemic, from somewhat to significantly. For most of these members, their style has changed towards wearing more casual clothes - and this doesn’t have to change now that we’re returning to studying or the office. Instead of stocking up on brand new outfits, if you’ve found you feel most confident in casual items you already wear try pairing them up with smarter pieces for a new look.

2. Don’t feel pressure to follow trends

Join the few, not the many - and shop more second-hand this season. 70% of members we interviewed that plan to buy new outfits for work or studying will get at least some of these items pre-loved. Vinted shopper Julie shared why she’s planning to buy off the high-street with us: “Buying pre-loved allows me to experiment with styles I like in an affordable and more sustainable way”.

3. Sharing really is caring

About a third of members that took part in the survey say dressing up for work or studying makes them feel more self-confident. You can help spread this new season energy by swapping good-quality items with a friend, or selling them to a Vinted member. The feeling of finding something really special, that’s someone else loved, only adds to your confidence when wearing it. This autumn, care for your community by sharing what’s already there.

4. Rethink and reduce

Even if we don’t find everything second-hand, rethinking what can be “new” when it comes to buying clothes has a doubly-positive effect. Vinted member Marie-Alixe describes how she successfully builds her wardrobe second-hand, by “...looking for simple timeless cuts, which will evolve with me and are not just a one season cut/style/print which I will get fed up with. Focusing on pre-owned rather than new if I can find my size, brand and cut...”. Buying pre-owned instead of brand-new also means you reduce your overall clothes consumption-so why not try it to find your autumn essentials? Browse thousands of second-hand styles on Vinted now.

5. Declutter what you don’t need

After reassessing your wardrobe, you might find that you have more than you need. That’s also where we come in. With the app it’s easy to sell and extend the life-cycle of your clothes, so check your wardrobe to find unworn things that are in perfectly good condition for someone else. List your items on Vinted now to start selling!

Take small steps today and join our mission - making second-hand first choice.

*This survey was conducted in August 2021 among 3000 active Vinted users in the DE, FR, NL, and the UK.

InPost: the new way to ship to your door in mainland UK
29 July 2021

InPost parcel lockers are now available on Vinted. You can use InPost to send parcels within selected regions of mainland UK. It’s a simple, convenient, and great-value way to ship.

Why use InPost?

Great value for money. InPost is one of the cheapest options for home deliveries within mainland UK on Vinted – prices start at just £1.99 for a small parcel.
Convenient locker-to-home service. Sellers can send Vinted parcels from any InPost locker, and buyers only need to wait for their items to be delivered to their door. There are hundreds of InPost lockers across mainland UK, with more being added all the time.
More ways to ship. With more shipping options than ever before, members in mainland UK can ship with ease and experience great value for money.

How does it work?

You can use InPost to ship to selected regions of mainland UK. If InPost is available in your area, you'll see it listed as a shipping option on each item's page.

Sellers receive a prepaid shipping label in their message thread with the buyer. All you need to do is print out the shipping label at home. Then take the parcel to an InPost locker near you.

This shipping option is switched on automatically – you don’t need to do anything to start shipping with InPost.

Want to know more?

You can find out more here:

Terms and Conditions | How to use InPost | Find your nearest InPost locker

Ship to even more members with InPost today!