Don’t wear it? Sell it!
We want to show you just how brilliant second-hand can be. Sell the clothes that have more to give. Shop for items you won’t find on the high street. Vinted is open to everyone who believes that good clothes should live long.
1 simple idea now unites a community of 45 million
From 2 people
In 2008, Milda was moving house, but had too many clothes to take with her. Justas offered help and built a website to give away her clothes to friends. Soon enough, the media wanted in, too. The duo knew they were on to something – Vinted was born.
To a team of over 1000
Today, more than 700 people work at Vinted to help the world sell, buy, and swap second-hand wardrobe items. Our team spans countries and cultural backgrounds, just like our members do.
Working across Europe
Vinted’s offices are based in Vilnius, Berlin, Prague, and Utrecht. These spots help us operate in 15 markets: Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, the UK, Italy, Portugal, the USA, and Canada.
On a global mission
Sell what you don’t wear or hunt for rare finds – the world of pre-loved has long moved out of charity shops. Our growing community of more than 45 million is on a mission to make second-hand first choice.
Investors & Leadership

Milda Mitkute & Justas Janauskas


Thomas Plantenga


Mantas Mikuckas

In everything we do, we’re still true to Vinted’s initial idea, developed by our cofounders Milda and Justas. Today, Vinted’s CEO Thomas and COO Mantas lead the company’s daily operations and growth. Our mission is also backed by 4 leading venture capital firms from both sides of the Atlantic.
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