How to shop safely?

Here are our tips for safe and successful buying on Vinted:

1. Search with confidence

  • Use the search filters to find something you love - choose your favourite brands, the items’ location, condition and other criteria.
  • Make the feed work for you - personalize it to have it packed solely with the treasures which match your preferences.

2. Get your questions answered

  • Found something pretty? Check the item’s description.
  • If you have any questions, clear them out via our secure messaging. Ask the seller for more details - be it the item’s measures, its colour in daylight, delivery time or anything else.
  • Don’t leave any place for hesitation.

3. Check the seller's profile & reviews

  • Feel the vibe of the seller’s profile - do they sound nice and trustworthy?
  • The members who have verified their accounts show you their transparency.
  • Also, the feedback which the seller has received from other members can tell you a ton - have a look at it.
  • Overall, use your best judgment and find a seller you trust.

​​ 4. Pay and track through Vinted

  • Use the ‘Buy’ button when making your purchases - so that we cover you from start to finish and refund you in case something goes wrong.
  • By paying through Vinted you can make use of the shipping options with the convenient in-app/online tracking.

5. Leave feedback

  • Let others know about your buying experience with the seller - leave your feedback.
  • This way you’ll help other members to foresee what they can expect from the seller.

6. Get in touch with us

  • Let us know if you need our helping hand. We'll make sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

Good to know:

  • Stay on Vinted throughout your whole buying process - from communicating to paying, otherwise, we won’t be able to protect your payments and purchases.
  • If you ever experience any improper behaviour, harassment or spam activities from other members, report it so we can immediately put a stop to it.
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