How can I leave feedback?

Leaving feedback for both buyers and sellers is important because it builds trust among Vinted members.


  1. You’ll see the 'Leave feedback' button in your conversation thread when the order is completed. 
  2. Choose the number of stars you would like to give, add a comment, and submit it.
  3. You can edit or remove your feedback. You’ll see these options under the feedback you’ve left. 

Tips for the number of stars:

  • 1-2 stars: unhappy with the order - the seller never shipped, the defects were not mentioned or similar flaws.
  • 3 stars: neutral. Something may be improved.
  • 4-5 stars: very good/great experience and you love the item.

Good to know:

  • You can leave feedback for the seller only if the item was marked as sold. 
  • Multiple feedback messages from the same member will all appear on your profile. 
  • We suggest talking to the other member before leaving them a low star rating.
  • If the seller deletes the item, it’s no longer possible to leave feedback.
  • Vinted will not edit or remove feedback.
  • Vinted may leave automatic feedback.
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