Using a voucher

We appreciate you spreading the word about Vinted and we’ll be happy to send you a voucher for inviting your friend to Vinted

How to use a voucher 
  1. Simply find an item you love and press Buy now.
  2. The voucher will be applied to the purchase automatically. You’ll see it at the checkout screen after entering your payment details.

Note that vouchers are eligible for 30 days — you can find their expiry date in the voucher message in your inbox. They also only cover the item’s price (not postage costs or the Buyer Protection fee).

I can’t see my voucher

If your voucher seems to be missing, please send us the username of the member you invited, and a screenshot proving that you shared your invitation link with them. Sometimes the reason you don’t see your voucher is because the invited users didn’t sign up using the link.

Good to know:

  • Only 1 voucher can be used at a time, and it can't be redeemed in cash
  • Vouchers can be used to buy items that cost at least €15
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