Shipping an item

When you sell an item, we’ll send further instructions to your email and Vinted inbox. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Use the shipping method indicated in our instructions
  • Send the item in 5 days, or the order might get cancelled

Once the item is sent

You may track the parcel on Vinted. With certain shipping options, you may need to manually enter a tracking number and mark the item as sent in 5 days after the purchase (Just follow our instructions).

Once the item is delivered and the buyer confirms that everything’s OK with it, you’ll receive your earnings in your Vinted Balance.

Before you sell
  1. Set the best-fitting parcel size when uploading an item. You can also change it by editing your listing before the item is sold. A poor choice may result in additional shipping costs and/or negative feedback.
  2. Change which shipping methods your buyers may choose in your postage settings. Note that some methods can’t be disabled (they’re not shown in your settings). Also, this will only affect items that aren’t yet sold.
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