Vinted Refund Policy

When you buy using the Buy now button, i.e. you pay through Vinted, you are covered by the Buyer Protection.

With Buyer Protection, you can receive a refund if your order:

  • Is significantly not as described
  • Never arrives
  • Is damaged in transit
  • Is cancelled by Vinted
  • Is manually cancelled by you (before the seller sends their item) or by your seller (after you submit a claim)

Some shipping providers may refuse to refund you if you don’t follow their procedures. So, please check that you do before you claim the parcel. Go to the Help Centre main page, select the order in question, and choose your issue for more details.

Purchased item doesn’t fit you or isn’t your style?

Unfortunately, you cannot claim a refund. You can still speak with your seller regarding the return, but it’s up to the seller to accept it. You can also upload the item to your own Vinted wardrobe and sell it there.

2 days to submit your claim

To claim a refund, press I have an issue in the conversation screen with the seller. You have to do it within 2 days after the order was marked as ‘delivered’, even if it didn’t actually arrive.

Once you do this, we’ll keep your payment on hold while you contact the seller. Express your concern to the seller and they will most likely help you solve the issue.

Your order will be completed and the payment will be automatically released to the seller if you miss the 2-day deadline or if you ever hit the Everything is OK button.
Find mutual agreement with the seller

There are two possible solutions you and the seller may agree on:

  • You can keep the item and release your payment to the seller. To do it, press View issue details (in the conversation screen with the seller), then Resolve this issue.
  • You can return the item, and claim a refund.

You don’t need to inform us about your chosen solution. Contact us only if you failed to find a mutual agreement, so we could make the final decision on the case. However, it’s usually faster to solve these issues independently.

Return fees

Usually, buyers cover the cost of the return postage unless you and your seller agree otherwise.

The return shipping cost depends on the shipping provider you and the seller choose. Any provider is suitable, as long as they offer parcel tracking.

Returning an item

Please see our step-by-step instructions on returning an item.

Receiving a refund

You will receive your refund in the same e-wallet or account that you originally paid from. The refund processing time depends on the payment method initially used for this order.

Here’s more information on refunds and their processing time.

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