Pending balance

When a buyer pays for an item, this payment appears as ‘pending’ in the seller’s Vinted Balance.

Funds under ‘pending balance’ are temporarily stored by our payment service provider until the order is completed. This means that the seller has to send the item first, and it has to arrive at the buyer’s chosen destination.

The order will get completed:

  • When the buyer hits Everything’s OK after the item is delivered, or
  • 2 days after the item’s delivery, if the buyer doesn’t report any issues.

As soon as this happens, the payment moves to ‘available balance’.

Was an order completed, but the payment is still pending? This means you need to activate your Vinted Balance.
Available balance

Funds in ‘available balance’ are accessible to the seller. The seller can withdraw their available balance to their bank account, or use it to shop on Vinted.

If you don’t withdraw the money, it will apply to your next Vinted purchase automatically. Note that you may use your Vinted Balance to purchase from other members (buyer protection fee and shipping costs can be covered as well).

Why we do this

Delaying the availability of funds is a common practice in online marketplaces. We implement this to help ensure that Vinted is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers.

If something goes wrong, we may refund the buyer under our Refund Policy. However, you can mutually agree on a different resolution.

Your funds and private details are safe and will never be disclosed.

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