Confirm your identity to change email

If you’d like to change your currently registered email on Vinted, but don’t have access to it, you can ask us to amend it for you. To ensure it’s really you requesting it, we ask that you also send us proof of your identity. This way, we can protect you from anyone trying to make the update in your name.

How it works

To confirm your identity, please send us one of the following proofs:

  • A photo/screenshot of your bank statement showing your recent Vinted charge/charges
  • A proof of address: it can be a no more than 3 months old household utility bill showing your name and current address (e.g. gas, electric, water, fixed line telephone but not a mobile phone bill), or a photo/screenshot of your bank statement where your billing address is visible
  • A photo of your credit card you used for your purchases on Vinted (the photo needs to showcase the cardholder’s full name, last 4 digits and expiration date of the card)
Along with your identity proof, please also send us your new email address.
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