Uploading an item step by step

Here’s how to upload an item on Vinted:

  1. Add 1-20 sharp photos*
  2. Add a title and describe your item in detail
  3. Pick the category your item belongs to. Depending on it, you’ll have to specify some of the details listed below:
    • Brand
    • Condition
    • Size
    • Colour
    • Material (what is the item made from?)
    • ISBN (for books)
  4. Insert a competitive price
  5. Mark whether you’d be interested in swapping this item
  6. Select the size of your parcel.

* For some items (e.g. uploaded under a luxury brand), you will be required to upload at least 3 photos to showcase the item's authenticity.

In both description and pictures, you should report/show any defect, alteration, missing part, etc. of the item.

Upload a new item and let others discover it!

Good to know:

  • Children's books should be uploaded under Home > Books > Kids & young adults category, not Kids category.
  • Every published book has an ISBN, a 10 or 13-digit number found above the barcode of the book. The barcode is usually on the back cover or on one of the final pages of the book.
  • Find out what you can sell on Vinted.
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