Buying step by step

There are 5 simple steps from discovering a treasure on Vinted to enjoying it as your own:

1. Find an item you like
  • Browse the catalogue or news feed to find something you’d like to buy. Check out our tips for searching for items.
2. Check with the seller
  • Press Ask Seller to clear up any questions about the item or Make an offer to suggest a new price.
  • Use our secure messaging screen, never move the conversation outside of Vinted.
  • Look through the seller's reviews. See what other members say about their purchases with that seller. 
3. Pay for the item

Either on the item's listing or the messaging screen, press Buy now.

Stay on Vinted throughout your whole communication and buying process. Only that way will we be able to cover you in case something doesn’t go as expected.

At checkout:

  • Select your preferred payment method
  • Choose a delivery location.
  • Enter your address and phone number (if asked). Double-check if they’re correct.
  • Press Pay to confirm your order.

Please note that Buyer Protection fee will be added to the item’s price. With this, you may get a refund if an issue arises.

4. Receive your item
  • The seller will have 5 working days to send the item.
  • Delivery usually takes up to 5-7 working days. If it takes longer, don't worry. Just keep an eye on the order status on Vinted, the tracking info, and stay in touch with the seller. 
  • In most cases, you’ll be able to track the parcel on your conversation screen with the seller.
5. Let us know if everything’s OK

Once your purchase status changes to “delivered” on Vinted, you’ll see 2 buttons:

  • Everything is OK - pressing this button will release your payment to the seller.
  • I have an issue - press this button if a problem arose. Do this within:
    • 2 days of the item’s arrival, if it arrived damaged, or is significantly different from the description
    • 2 days of the item being marked as delivered, if it didn’t actually arrive

When you do this, try to find a mutual agreement with the seller. If you need us to step in, contact us. We’ll then look into the case and, if applicable, refund you

Good to know
  • If you experience any improper behaviour, harassment, or spam activity from other members, report them, so that we may put a stop to it.
  • Check out our advice on how to avoid fraudulent deals.
  • We recommend washing or disinfecting any items you buy in a way that is appropriate for their material before wearing them. However, first make sure that the item is acceptable, as you won’t be able to get a refund after washing or using it.
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