Why your listing was hidden or deleted

At Vinted we pay great attention to content quality. If a listing doesn’t align with our Catalogue rules, we don’t have any other choice but to hide or remove it.

Hidden listings 

We’ll have to hide your listing if: 

  • You haven’t provided authenticity proof for your item
  • Multiple brands are mentioned in a single listing
  • The item's price, condition, size or hashtags are misleading
  • The item's description promotes another marketplace
  • It’s placed under a wrong catalogue category
  • The pictures are of low quality
  • The item is uploaded for the purpose of bidding
Deleted listings

We'll have to delete your listing if:

  • The item is counterfeit
  • The pictures are taken from another website, including stock photos
  • The item isn’t allowed to be sold on Vinted
  • The item is made from animal fur, reptile skin, shells, or ivory 
  • The item is uploaded for the purpose of reselling (i.e. commercial selling)
  • The item is uploaded for the purpose of searching for it
  • It's a cosmetic product or perfume that has been opened/used or that is not in its original sealed packaging (the restriction applies to makeup, cream, lotion, perfumes and hair care products)
Good to know
  • We'll notify you of the reason why we've deleted or hidden your listing.
  • If we've hidden your listing, you can improve and republish it.
  • We'll have no choice but to suspend your account if you do not follow the Catalogue Rules repeatedly.
  • We'll have to block your account if you act against our Item authenticity policy repeatedly.
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