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Tattoos & Piercings

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Bumps in cartilage piercings

I got my rook and my helix both pierced at the same time back in November 2018. They have both no...



Best metal in your experience? And best place to get some nice jewellery. Looking for a silver co...


Is my tongue piercable- in your opinion?

I know tongue piercings require a professional, reputable piercer and only they can decide if my ...


Is my dermal rejecting?

Heyy am a bit concerned with my dermal (had it for 4months) I noticed it looked a bit wonky and...


Daith of doom, advise appreciated

So got my daith peirced in October, had no issues for the first 2 weeks and then I get these lump...


Study: Body Modification

Hi Everyone, I know it's always easy to quickly click messages away, but I would be really ha...


HELP - Tragus Piercing

Hey, So I had my tragus done about 3 years ago,I got a keloid, was told to take it out, it hea...


New Helix piercing

Hello, I have had my helix pierced for just over two weeks and it is still quite painful. It was ...


*Update* Should I be worried about my Daith piercing?

Hey guys! I got my daith pierced almost 6 months ago now, I went to the same piercer I've alw...


Nipple piercing aftercare

Hey! Had both nipples pierced today & I want to know, what did you girls do to heal yours? My pi...


Do I need to take it out?

I’ve had my belly pierced for about 6 months but it still leaves a huge dent from the top ball wh...


Belly piercing

Is it normal for the top ball to indent itself in the tummy. Not painful and looks pretty but pus...


Very first piercing clean (septum)

Hi! Just came across this forum and I wanted to ask how you clean a brand new piercing for the ve...


took a 1 week helix piercing out

i took it out because it was so easy to irritate, it could caught up on everything,clothes,pillow...


Swollen Piercings

Got my triple outer conch done almost a week ago, been cleaning it twice daily as recommended, ye...


In Need of Irritation Bump Advice

I had my nose pierced around 4 weeks ago, and around 2 weeks ago I got an irritation bump come up...


Re-stretching ears

Hi I barely know anything about piercings and all the terms so please forgive my lack of knowledg...


Tongue piercing/s

Hey girls I’m thinking about getting my tongue pierced but still a bit unsure about the look of i...


Wrist dermal

I’m thinking about getting a microdermal in my tattoo on my forearm but worried about getting a p...


So I’ve had my first tattoo!

So I had my first tattoo today. Only took me years to finally decide on what I wanted but it’s my...

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