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Sports & Health

Into your sports? On a new health kick and need some advice? Tell us more and share it here!

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Help with a fitness routine please

Could anybody with me with weight loss/fitness plan type of thing? I'm currently a size 18/20 and...


Recovering from dental surgery

Tips and advice please. Had a wisdom tooth removed this morning and have big weekend plans that...


Drinking coffee whilst pregnant.

Hello :) Looking to get a little advice from you all! I am currently 23 +3 weeks pregnant and m...


Keko tea.

Head to our website for teatox, herbal tea, blend drinks. All handmade with goodness and precisio...


Would you like healthy looking skin??

💥💥 Garnier Anti-blemish clarifying tonic for amazing price of £2.49💥💥 Buy it now!!! Check out m...


Getting fit?

Are you guys interested in a really efficient way to lose weight and get lean? I promise you this...


Healthy for 2019!

I’m very excited to be starting an amazing new health journey, getting on it early so I can START...


Healthier lifestyle change

Who would like too get fitter and healthier and have an overall lifestyle change ? If you would l...


How much weight have you lost and how?

Hi ladies. I am really unhappy with my weight at the moment and want to change but am struggling....


Weight Loss Help

Hi! I really need some help, I am so unhappy with my weight & I am struggling so much to try ...


Slimming world recipes

Whats ur fav slimming world recipes. Especially 1s u can do in slow cooker? Xx


Ice skates

Anyone want to buy ice skates size 3.5? Can lower the price as I need them gone soon 😊😘


Fitbit friends

If any1 had a fitbit can they send me their name n I will add them. :-) xx



Bit of a strange ask. However I've come off all social media for a break. I'm loving it. I was wo...


Are fitbits any good

Are fitbits worth the money? I really fancy getting 1 but dont want 2 waste money xx


iud mirena coil

Has anyone on here had the mirena copper coil fitter! I had mine 4/5 months ago and the pain is e...


Pregnancy question

Morning! I am looking for some advice. I am almost 31 weeks pregnant and the pain has kicked rig...


IBS problem.

Hey guys Right I've suffered with IBS for years now backwards and forwards to GP every year with ...


feeling sick

for a wk now I'm feeling sick it comes and goes throughout day but not actually being sick..this ...


Pregnancy and hayfever

Looking for some advice! I keep forgetting to make an appointment at my local doctors with there...

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