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Pregnancy and birth

Share your experience or ask questions about pregnancy and birth here!

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Hi is anyone selling any maternity clothes please size 12


What things did you swear by/ wish you had during your pregnancy?

Hi everyone, so I’m super excited as my best friend is pregnant! I want to buy her lots of lovely...


Baby Brain Doh Moments!!

I really don't know if I'm still allowed to blame baby brain.... As he's now 5 months old! We or...


Inducing labour!

I am currently Term +3days and I am due to be induced on Friday (26th), as I am not yet dilated e...


Nursing dress 👗

Hi Girls if anyone is looking for nursing dress which can be used after as a casual dress I have ...


Baby mummys under 1

My little 1 is just coming up for 6 months . How are all u getting on with being new mums? I have...


Scan and midwife trouble 😔

Hi girls, was wondering if any of you could help me? I’m 20 years old, I had my first scan on 20t...


Dealing with a break up during pregnancy

Hello vinties, I'm 28 weeks pregnant & I've was with my partner for 3 years. We have had our ups ...


Pregnant with severe sickness

Im pregnant with my 3rd baby, sickness is a nightmare, I've been to the doctors and he's given me...


Back after baby 💕

Hi ladies, Well I had my beautiful little princess Evolet 11 days ago and I am soooo in love. Sh...


Beautiful Knitted items for sale! Handmade!

Please have a look on my profile at beautiful knitted blankets and sets for new born babies and u...


Just found out I'm expecting

Hey ladies, So me and my other half have just found out we're expecting our first baby, so exci...


taken 4 different test with different results back

my friend has taken 4 different pregnancy tests over the last 2 days, 2 out of the 4 has a faint ...


Maternity And newborn clothing

Hey ladies! I’m now 19 weeks pregnant and my clothes just don’t fit me anymore. Looking for fash...


Maternity dress for sale perfect for xmas

I am selling boohoo maternity dress. Size 12 it wouod be perfect for any1 pregnant over xmas xx


Anyone else totally fed up being pregnant??

Im irritable, exhausted and suffering with insomnia most nights. I’m a grouch basically and i’m ...


Raw burger?

I am at a bbq & someone served me a raw burger, and maybe sausage. I ate a sausage. I had a coupl...


Packing my hospital bag for me and baby - What should I pack?

Today I’m packing mine and little ones hospital bags!! What did you take with you? And now many...


Baby Scan!

Eeek just wanted to share I got my 12 week scan yesterday! I am 12 weeks & 4 days! Look how clear...


Anyone know where I could get this?

Hey vinties does anyone know where I could possibly get something like this? I've tried eBay and ...

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