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New cat, need suggestions x

I've got a new cat, she is a rescue. We've had her about a week and a half, and she's pretty comf...


Pupdate 🐾

Considering I posted on here last summer asking for names for my new pup I thought I would update...


Cats OR Dogs.?

Hey everyone! So what team is everyone on? Are you either all for cats or all for dogs? 🐱🐶 person...


🐹 Show Us Your Pets 🐹

What have you got? What are their names? Where did you get them? How long have you had them? ...


Greyhounds in need

Hi everyone, can I ask you to fill in the questionnaire about the Greyhounds in need? It's a shor...


Help me name her x

Help me name this beaut! Haven’t got her yet obviously I’m thinking Kaisa (Finnish for pure) I h...


Canada goose coat

Some one on here is selling a Canada goose coat witch is make of coyote fur, why would vinted not...


Cat food

Hello all pet lovers:) I am wondering what kind of food your cats get. Do you buy cat food i...


Show me your doggies!!

So I'm due to start my new job this week and as excited as I am, I am still so nervous. So to hel...


Selling a dog on vinted

Omg have just seen a dog for sale on vinted are people taking the piss how the hell has this even...


Yesterday we had to say goodbye to this little cutie

;( RIP George (u) He was diagnosed at the beginning of December with cancer and kidney failu...


Female rat names

Hey everyone! Sadly one of my fur babies passed away last week, she was my baby girl though she d...


One of my dogs attacking the other for barking??

So I have two pugs, both girls, Maya is 3 and Daisy is 2. The older one we rescued from someone w...


Getting a dog or a cat

Hi, I really want a pet, a dog or a cat. I live in a small flat though, can anyone recommen...


Help me name him!

Just put a deposit on this gorgeous boy but I can't decide on a name! Help!


Cats Vs Dogs

Hello (sun) What's your opinion on this classic case? (y) *** Cats vs Dogs *** For me cats w...


Vinted fur babies!

As much as I love vinted I'm tired about seeing and reading about clothes and makeup! So what bet...



8 week old puppy sick advice

Hi everyone, I am hoping for some advice, I have an 8 week old puppy who for the past couple of...



Help with puppy names!

So I'm planning on getting a mini Dachshund puppy at some point soon and I am stuck on names! I h...



Adopting a dog?

Hello people, I am little bit behind with my dissertation and I would use a little bit of your...

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