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This or That game

Rock or Rap? The person below me please answer then you ask the next question and so on. Have fu...


What are your Vinted habits?

Hey girls! (f) As I'm new on this site, I was wondering: what time of the day are you most ac...


Bargains 💱

Hi ladies, Let's share some of our bargains from your catalogue! There are so many items being a...


Game- follow this Vintie because

Hello everyone, let's get following each other to support and and hopefully boost profiles and sa...


#BrandNewWithTags 👗

Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone using this hashtag for searching brand new items? I have lis...


Game: Top 3 emojis

Just for fun! Comment your 3 most used/favourite emojis below Mine are: 😊 😩 🙄


Problem with my items

Hey lovelies! 🌹 Don't know why, but my items seems to be invisible! I don't say that because I...


£20 box giveaway 🎁

Hi everyone 😁 So, I have started selling again here on Vinted as I have a lot of items still to ...


Word link game 🔗

I thought it would be fun to start a new game 😊 What you have to do is link words with the perso...


Let's SWAP !

Hi there, I am looking for some (new) sport clothes size 8/10, grey coat, trainers, some nice...


Filled up another bag for the charity shop

So happy to see a bit of space at least. Anything sellable will be uploaded immediately. But plea...


Contact Vinted

How do I contact vinted about another seller


Everything reduced

Reduced everything on my page... Loads of bargains quality items... Anything you want message me ...


Calling all crafters!!

Hey guys, I've just had a massive clear out of my craft room and I'm selling loads of my craft su...


Depop. Your Views!

Hiya girls, how many of you shop on Depop? Are sales good? What's the difference between Depop an...


New vintie

Hi im new to vinted but sold quite a few things already I post really fast same day or next day ...


Recommend your fave Vinties 💕

Let’s share some love for our fellow Vinties! Recommended some lovely people you’ve met on here a...


Laser hair removal

Has anyone ever had IPL or similar? I'm considering buying some sessions on groupon but there are...


The excitement

I bought myself a massive storage box tonight lol. Now i can put everything that is on sale on vi...


Looking for a prom dress/evening dress?

If anybody is in need of a prom dress, or ball gown/evening dress for a wedding or special event,...

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