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Questions related to technical problems

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Where is the I have issues button?

Hello, I bought an item from another vinted member and it says after 7 days the status will a...



Hi Vinted and Vintees, How do you make a complaint about a fellow Vintee if they haven't follo...


Free colllection

Can anyone help? I can’t seem to offer free collection on any of my items. How do I do this? Than...


No ‘item sent’ option

Hi! Can someone please help. So I delivered a parcel for someone today using Hermes and there is...


Hen Night/weekend

Hi! Where did everyone go for their hen night? Looking for ideas 🍸🎵👗


How to contact support team?

Hi there, hopefully someone from support team can contact me via PM or someone can explain how...


How to message someone who favourites your item

Hi there! Apologies if this is an obvious one, but I've read here that messaging someone who f...


posting my parcel

Hey guys, I need to send off an item to a girl and I'm kinda confused about what packaging to us...


Introductions and hello

Hello am just got around to use my Vinted app I went to introduce myself to the group but it sa...


Contact Number

Does vinted have a contact number? They barely respond to my messages I need to get hold of the...


Contact number

Does this site have a contact number? I'm wanting to talk to someone that's not through email. F...


confused! - suspended transaction

Hey girlies. So I sold a dress a few days ago, the lady received it but says she didn't like it...


How do I contact support team

Vinted is very frustrating. Why can't I message a member of a support team? I've sold a handbag a...


Purchase an item

Hi I have purchased something on Vinted and the seller telling me to press the ok button but can’...


How to edit negative feedback I have already submitted?

I have submitted negative feedback about poor quality item being sold time and the seller didn’t ...


Royal Mail option has disappeared

I’ve had a buyer tell me that an item is only showing the Hermes option whereas previously I have...


How to complain

How to complain, I bought army little girl a dress from here the buyer pressed the button as if i...


My Hermes

Not sure if this is the right place, but I've decided to start sending via My Hermes instead of R...


Seller not responding

I’ve been messaging someone who is selling a dress I really want.. and she has not responded to a...


Postcode issues

Vinted keeps telling me postal code is invalid (it isn't as it recognises it as a London code) an...

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