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Forum rules and getting started

These are the rules of the forum! Something EVERYONE should read before use ;) Here you'll find everything you need to know to get you started on Vinted!


Hello Vinties!


Here are our brand and shiny new forum guidelines to help keep things more or less in order. If you have any questions about the forum or the Vinted community, take a quick look!


The forum is public

All forum posts are public. This means that your posts, user name and profile photo are visible to everyone. Any personal info you share online will appear and remain on the internet (And remember, the internet never forgets!)

If you have problems with another Vintie or a transaction, simply send us a message here and we’ll lend a helping hand.


Part 1 - Using the forum


Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but there’s no need to insult or offend other Vinties.

Personal disagreements should be resolved using private messages (the forum isn’t the place).


Choose the right category

To make things a little clearer, we’ve divided the forum into categories and sub-categories. We advise you to choose the one that matches your post - this way, you’re more likely to get a (useful) answer.  


Choose a relevant title

A carefully picked and relevant title ensures speedy and helpful replies to your questions or comments. Please avoid picking an eye-catching title that has nothing to do with the topic, or one which is full of special characters (*&^%$@!).


Posted a question, but no replies? Make sure you’ve posted it in the right category. Still no luck? Check that your message is clear. Avoid the temptation to post the same thing again – this just clogs up the forum.

You could also use the green arrow at the top of the page (next to the title of the post) to push your post to the top of list – please use this function responsibly!


Part 2 – Sensitive topics


Content that is off-limits  

  • Avoid messages that are violent, deliberately shocking, discriminatory, hateful, pornographic, racist, extremist, sexist, immoral, hurtful, or in any way illegal. Any content that is defamatory, offensive, or incites harmful acts, will be deleted and the user may be blocked from the forum.
  • Posts that commercial advertising or collecting votes
  • Adverts and links to other transactional sites
  • To protect you and your data, please don’t publish real names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses, credit/debit card and/or bank details or any other private info.
  • Medical or legal opinions given on the forum haven’t been verified. If you have any problems, we suggest contacting a professional.
  • Posts of a sexual nature or with the aim of generating sexual encounters are not allowed at all.


The anonymous option in the "People and Relationships" category 

This is where you can post anonymously if you’d like to discuss personal or sensitive topics and you don’t want your Vinted identity revealed.

Remember that the forum rules also apply here, so please respect them.


The Buying - Selling - Swapping Forums

In these forums you can look for or promote items featured on Vinted. Remember to check the catalogue first and to delete the post when it’s no longer valid.




Please remeber that you can’t search for or sell the following products:

  • Items that are banned from the catalogue - comprehensive list here
  • Items that violate copyright and intellectual property laws
  • Items for auctions or bidding
  • Animals
  • Medicine and pharmaceutical products



All girls are welcome on Vinted. We in no way promote the need to be thin or to follow any kind of diet. For this reason, publishing extreme or unhealthy dieting methods is not allowed on the forums (we want to avoid misrepresentations about eating disorders or praising “miracle” diets).



Please only download photos from Vinted if you have the right or permission to do so - this means that you can’t just “borrow” photos from the internet. It’s important to have consent from everyone appearing in the photo.


Part 3 - Making the forum a better place!



We can’t stand users who deliberately undermine constructive conversations and the forum’s community spirit. Trolls are not welcome on the forums! 


A well-placed smiley can make a person's day!

Feel free to use Vinted smilies to show what you feel (just make sure the message is still clear).


Part 4 - Contacting for help


On the forum, you will find “voluntary” moderators.

Voluntary moderators help Vinties and make sure the forum guidelines are followed. Please be respectful – they’re here to help you!

You can contact them and ask for advice and more information about the forums with a private message.



These guidelines are a work-in-progress, so give us a shout out if you have any suggestions!




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