Forum rules

The Vinted forum is where our community comes to talk and help each other by sharing experience and tips.​

To make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome, we ask all members to please follow our Forum Rules: 

General information
Select a clear title for your topic and post it in the proper category.
Avoid special characters (e.g. *&^%$@!!!!!) and please don’t duplicate posts.
Submit all offers, advertisements and inquiries about specific products to the advertisement category, otherwise they may be deleted.
Don’t disclose your personal info (e.g. phone number, postal address, bank details).

If you notice inappropriate content - alert our team. Report it to us by clicking the flag icon. For more detailed reporting instructions - visit the  Help Center . To save our team time, please don’t report the same thing more than once.

Remember that any medical or legal opinions you find on the forum are not verified. Always consult a licensed professional.

Forbidden content
Pornography and sexually explicit material
Encouraging or inciting violence against individuals or groups, as well as extremist material
Use and promotion of symbols and insignia of extremist/terrorist/unconstitutional organizations
Threatening, harassing, bullying individuals or groups of people as well as material of racist and/or hateful nature and any content to attack, insult, flame, defame, or abuse others
Slander, defamation, libel
Your own or other people’s personal and/or confidential information
Impersonating another individual
Selling replicas, fakes and counterfeit items
Promotion of objects and substances that are prohibited from open market circulation
Material constituting copyright, trademark or any other infringement of intellectual property rights
Any other illegal content which may constitute a criminal offense, infringement of third party rights or can violate the law in any other way
Competitor advertising and spam
Asking for legal, medical and other tips that would normally be obtained from a licenced professional
The publication of unhealthy or extreme diet and meal plans
Job offers

If a member maliciously violates these Forum Rules, our team will take action against them. They may be blocked from using all of Vinted for an unlimited period of time.

These Vinties volunteer their time to help you out in the forum: @dancingdee @frenchsaffron @alex.levy963 @brittstick @kodied @jdqueen

Together with our team, forum volunteers help us to make the Vinted forums a safe place for all. We’re always there to help in the unlikely case you feel offended by the content you see or have trouble with another member. Report any suspicious activity to us, and we’ll do our best to make things right.